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JavaScript in Minecraft Class Resources


GOAL: Intro to JavaSript in Minecraft


GOAL: Basic JavaScript Variable and Building using JS


GOAL: Creating Geometric Shapes using JS and Intro to True/False Statements


GOAL: Modifying an Existing Minecraft Mod and using JS to Create a World


GOAL: Advanced JS Functions within ScriptCraft and Additional World Creation


GOAL: Final World Presentation

Feeling Adventurous?

Here are a few additional challenges

Download and Modify the Source Code: One of the main resources that we have used throughout this class is ScriptCraft, which was built by a gentleman named Walter Higgins. If you want to extend the learning that we have provided during this course, we would recommend that you start by looking at the source code for this plugin. Walter has made all of the code that goes into ScriptCraft completely open source and you and your child can download and modify his code as much as you want. We would highly recommend that you check out his GitHub repository for ScriptCraft HERE.

Create your own mod in ScriptCraft: We would also recommend that you check out Walter Higgins' resource for creating Minecraft Mods through ScriptCraft. We will be focusing on this concept in our next Velocity class (starting TBD), but if you are interested in getting familiar with this concept, take a look at his resources. He does a great job of breaking down all of the necessary parts of a Minecraft Mod within his software and gets you started on creating and modifying mods on your own. You can find his Anatomy of a ScriptCraft Plugin HERE.